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Celine's best kept secrets ♥


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OMGeeeeee! i dont think i have ever felt this way before, and i barely know you. This is not normal at all. Its not normal, its abnormal.

So what am i to do now? Fall or walk away but i really like you!!!!!

You're so sweet. You and your lollipop. And You can drive. You and your car. How bleedin' convenient? Hence, i have a major crush on you~


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i know how i feel about you now

We were strangers who bacame friends, who then became lovers, and ended up being complete strangers once again. Damn!!! Isn't it complicated?

I never meant for it to turn out this way... But you know how it feels, don'cha? We both are masters at our own game. We have different priorities, different interests, and different game plans. The odd part is that, i thought there would be pain but there isn't. Instead, i feel relieved of the pressure you put me under to show you i loved.

So, yea? Bright side is that we don't hate.... Love in disguise as you call it? You be the judge, but its time to let go and move on for R.E.A.L.

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thank you.

Its really odd how the least expected people can give you the best advice, although indirectly. Mom and Dad really are so important in life. I have my reasons but for now imma keep them to myself. :)

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we shouldn't have to see each other again..
'nuff said

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that kinda feeling when one gets from achieving something marvelous

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i think that i'm officially numb to everything you are capable of doing
it has finally reached this stage
and yes, we are very broken, too broken actually
try to be more subtle the next time you agree to tell someone that titanic secret
the truth is really hard to handle sometimes
but in your case, it is most of the time
i am so bleedin' naive -.-"
note to self, never trust guys who momma doesn't like
momma always knows best
i just wanna say, momma is the best
today is a fairytale
imma let go of the bad man to get a new, better and improved one

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of facebook, blogging andd twitter

That's actually a lot to cope with, evidently.. But i'll promise to be here, there and everywhere in the next few months!! =)

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it is so powerful;
it is so expressive;
it is just brilliant.

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Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2.. by William Shakespear

Doubt thou, the Starres are fire,
Doubt, that the Sunne doth moue:
Doubt Truth to be a Lier,
But never Doubt, I loue.

When I meet someone who is able to quote me back these beautiful words,
I will know that he is the one:
Then only will i give him my heart,
As he too understands the meaning of true love.

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holidays :)

i love the holidays.
but holidays are meant for vacations
and i haven't been on one since 3 years ago?

so my parents just got back fom vietnam,
and apparently they had a blast.
and i sacrificed my vacation to keep ROXY company
so i'm looking for a babysitter for roxy
but she must like you if not she'll whine

and which is better?
Angkor, cambodia or the Maldives island?
i like the maldives but my mother has a point.
we all aren't really that good at swimming
but i've read it up and there's other stuff to do
so yea, i have to be more persuasive...

maldives :)


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